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We ask tough questions, challenge existing conventions and delve into customer truths and insights.


Our unique mix of technology and skills will liberate your marketing teams by creating on-brand assets in super-quick time.


Developing industry-leading configurators that push customers from consideration to purchase.

About our Skills

We have a history with well-accomplished web & software developers who we plan on creating our future with. Through keen focus on business objectives, our developers have successfully launched some top-ranking websites.

At Brand Buzz Inc. web & software designing is considered an art and our team of Da Vincis and Picassos strive to transform complex ideas into interactive and user-friendly web solutions. We provide a spectrum of unique designs with an option of custom designing so that your business is a stand out in the digital world.




ERP Solution

We offer solutions for industries, institutions, and businesses regardless of their size and complexity of the requirements.


Web Development

We offer comprehensive solutions when it comes to website design and development. Our capabilities include project scoping (including competitor analysis), site architecture and wireframes building, visual designing and layouts, web development and coding, content writing services, testing and review, and site maintenance with regular monitoring and updating.

Customer Oriented

Every client we take on board is our partner, with whom we want to develop fruitful long-term business relationships. We can work as collaborative unit, in sync with the client input regularly. Some clients like to be involved more in the conceptualization, design, and development phase and respecting that, we take client feedback and directions. Our design process can also be totally independent, if you want to give us the entire design freedom and want minimal interaction. End result is always about helping our clients achieve measurable results in all our focus areas.


01 All in One

Web development is a process of developing a website for the internet or intranet. It ranges from developing a simple static page of plain text to a complex web-based internet application, social network services, and electronic businesses. There is a more comprehensive list of tasks that involve designing a website such as web engineering, web design, web server, network security, web content development, and many more.

02 E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce website development is a process of developing a site for selling products and services through data and fund transfer over the internet. An impressive e-commerce website development is vital in running an effective online store and boosts your online business. The process of developing such a website should aim at a safe, impressive, and secure site that is easy for customers to identify the products they are searching for and make a purchase.

03 Mobile Accessibility

We design and develop websites that perform seamlessly on mobile devices. The purpose of this is to enable the visitors to access the right information at any time or place. This feature is designed to save time by enabling people to review information right away. User friendly interface capacitates you to generate more revenue and run your business efficiently.


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Software Development

We have a solid team of designers, analysts, coders, QA experts and marketers to provide our clients with efficient software development services.

Improved Interaction with Customers

To assist a customer efficiently, the customer service representatives need to be adept in knowledge. Deficient or mediocre customer service could cost you your customer base. We provide software solutions to aid your CSR team in accessing the preferences and behavioral stats of customer through big data analytics, which enables you to deal with your customers flawlessly.

01 Augment Your Productivity

With our latest software features, you can supervise and see the productive workforce from your portable devices, anywhere anytime. Software integrated with our ERP system also enables you to access it without internet. This would increase the productivity of the employees.

02 Non-stop Access

The software we create enables employees to save time and work more efficiently by accessing any information, any time. Certain industries working with the distribution of physical products face problems such as ordering too many products or purchasing excessive raw materials.

03  Organized Communication

Most of the time, meetings, and conferences are the only places where employees from different departments share ideas and information. With our ERP integrated software solutions, employees regardless of their department could access any information, any time.

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