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Brand Buzz is not just a company. It’s an ecosystem where we cultivate the best minds by combining professionalism and hard work with a friendly corporate backdrop. Continuously improving ourselves, we offer best value to our clients and the perfect work environment to those that work Brand Buzz.






Our Services

Agility and Beyond


We believe that your brand is more than just a logo. It’s who you are and what you stand for. Today and tomorrow. That’s why our in-house teams are experts at all aspects of branding from logo development, typeface selection and strapline creation, right through to tone of voice, colours and photography style.


Nowadays it’s not enough to simply get your message out there. Brands have to capture hearts and minds through every channel of the marketing mix. Our creative teams come up with truly integrated concepts that inspire and engage customers at every touchpoint.

Web Services

Competing operating systems. Changing screen sizes. Landscape vs. portrait. There are many factors to consider when designing fully responsive web applications. Our in-house team are experts at dealing with them all, delivering optimized applications that work across multiple devices.


Online or offline, pictures or pixels, our art directors and designers work across every medium, platform and device to create visually engaging communications. Masters at kerning, fanatical about UX, they play a vital role in brand storytelling by setting a visual tone that’s impossible to ignore.

Meet Our Team

Shaikh Mahmud

Creative Head/CEO


Assma Galuta

Brand Strategist/Director


Amanda Nelson

Director Content


Abiola Atobatele

Senior Developer


Kamran M.

Director General


S. Muaz

Legal Advisor


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